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I know it looks like all I do is take photos out of plane windows…but I really liked this one.



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A wall viewed from the Rooftop Bar and Cinema



Time by John Clang

A series of photographs taken at particular places in New York over a period of time, torn and reassembled:

A series that involves recording a location, to show the passing of time in a montage style. There is a sense of intimate intricacy of how time moves, and how people, albeit in a different time, are actually closer to one another and traveling in the same shared space. I’ve always been intrigued by the constant subtle changes in my urban environment. Every subtle shift affects my feelings and thoughts, hence my images respond acutely as a poetic reflection of myself in this environment. Working on this series, I explore how time moves in this seemingly static urban space. The people become the moving energy flowing through this space, marking the changes, forming the time. These images also explore my fascination that there are probably many time dimensions in this universe. We may have a ‘life’ that exists similarly on a different path, one minute before or after the one we’re living now. We merely just exist in this current dimension, and sometimes when time paths collide, we have déjà vu experience. (…close)

More examples (and other great photographic projects can be found at Cheng’s website here


A silent mountain, a taciturn weekend 


Bronson Caves by Brice Bischoff

Experimental long-exposure photography in natural cinematic location:

Notes: A performance executed after sunset. Since early cinema, the Bronson Caves have been used as a film location, mainly appearing in science fiction and western movies.

Complete collection can be seen here


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there’s fire in the trees