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New video up. To Love Someone - Ben Abraham.

with apologies to Randy Newman

New Song

So I wrote a new song in this last week that I’m pretty pumped to play at my show on Sunday night. I thought before it makes its world debut, I might post the lyrics up here just as a bit of a precursor.



Any man can build a home organising wood and stone

Fill it with a hundred things, rule it all and be the king

And we all need a place to lay our head when days are long

But to love someone, when you love someone

That’s where you belong


Some will say you need to find the common men who share your mind

Others say to hide yourself; protect your heart above all else

And we all like to find our place with who is right or wrong

But to love someone, when you love someone

That’s where you belong


And lately I’ve begun to find

That home is harder to define

I’ll take my dwelling for a time within a lonely song

But to love someone, to really love someone

That’s where I belong


how many times will I fall
before I start to wonder if I’ll get to you at all?
I’ll close my eyes and like a satellite
I’ll throw myself to gravity and hope that we collide

self portrait. sofitel hotel room. chicago IL, september 2011

Welcome to my brand new tumblr. I’m learning how this thing works. In the meantime, have a photo of me looking out a window to symbolise my anticipation at the brand new world of tumblr.